Nov 05 2015
SingaporeChangi Airport Singapore
TaiwanTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport
TaiwanTaipei Main Station
TaiwanTaipei Railway Station
TaiwanHualien Station

Just kept walking and eating, then finally went to 東大門夜市. This is a pretty new night market hence there's still some empty stores. Basically it has 3 or 4 rows of shops clearly categorized by games/amusement park, merchandises and food. It's huge, about the size of 3 soccer fields or maybe even bigger!

Opposite the night market is a 原住民文化村. There will be live performance every night where they introduced the different types of aborigine in HuaLien.

Went back to hotel to drop some stuff and out again to the beach. Because Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and 七星潭 is a beach, there really isn't much light pollution.
So when you look up to the sky at the beach, you just see millions and millions of stars! ✨✨💫
And what's more? I saw my FIRST shooting star! 💫😱😱 I was SO excited I almost forgot to make my wish!


Nov 06 2015
TaiwanHualien County
TaiwanShoufeng Township


Nov 07 2015

Took a cab back to 花蓮車站, the driver didn't had small change for my NTW 500, so he charged me only NTW130 instead of NTW 170.
Went to the self service ticketing machine again BUT I wasn't able to get my tickets. Apparently today was the marathon at Taroko Gorge (HuaLien), annual event. So everyone is heading back to where they came from.

Panicking a little Cz the next train will be at 2pm. Just as I walked away from the machine and thought of seeking help from the counter, a guy approached me and say he has a ticket to sell, the exact one that I needed. Same train, same time. I was initially doubtful but have decided to trust that he is God sent! So I bought it at the same price as I would have paid for my own ticket and yay! Heading back to Taipei! Cost of ticket: NTW 440

TaiwanHualien Station
TaiwanTaipei Main Station
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